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Individual Steps Standings

Congratulations to the 2017 Winners!

Top Team Weightloss: The SS Losers with 13.92% weightloss

Top Individual Weightloss: Alexis Worthington with 10.63% weightloss

Top Team Steps:The SS Losers with 50045 steps/day averaged

Top Individual Steps: Alexis Worthington with 8137 steps/day averaged

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Burt's Success Story

“You should do Lighten Up Onslow because the website does provide the meal choices, it provides encouragement” Burt Jones


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Jim Mantel WRNS-FM

“Lighten Up Onslow gave me the tools and motivation to lose weight! Not wanting to be the weak link on the team and the competitive component were my motivation and I really hate to lose. I’m joining again this year to get my blood pressure even lower and to stop snoring…and I know the Lighten Up Onslow program works!”

Vanessa's Success Story

“Lighten Up Onslow gives you information, not just for yourself, but you could carry that on to your family. To me that’s a win-win” Vanessa Ervin

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Richard Walker, OMH and Jim Mantel, WRNS

Waist Removal team, it’s time to step it up, The Fat-tastic 4 team is in the Lead!
Onslow Memorial Hospital’s The Fat-tastic 4 team is weighing in with 3.89% of weight loss (33.2 pounds)!
Jim Mantel’s WRNS Waist Removal team has lost a respectable 2.39% of weight (22.3 pounds)

The competition is getting fierce!

It seems that Jim Mantel's team Waist Removal has moved up in the ranks and is giving Onslow Memorial Hospital's The Fat-tastic 4 a run for their money!


OMH's Fat-tastic 4 Team:
Rose Hale, Richard Walker, Michael Sunday, and Jessica Ahlquist

Rumor has it that The Fat-tastic 4 has been sending Jim Mantel special gifts. But so far, Jim has been able to resist...we'll see if he can hang on!

Joe McLaughlin, CFP®, The Morning Show

“The Lighten Up Onslow Campaign is a win-win program. I can support a great community wellness program and improve my own health!” Joe McLaughlin, CFP®, The Morning Show


Carobell’s “The Unstoppable Four”

“Our team is still excited about the Lighten Up Onslow Challenge. We have all been  noticing the changes in our body shape and lifestyle . We have been exercising like there is no tomorrow and eating foods that are healthy and not part of some of our normal  meals.
We are realizing that this is not something that can happen overnight ; but it is hard work , commitment and dedication on everyone’s part. With emails from the team captain to do what it takes to lose the weight and  texts on a Saturday morning at 7:00am to get up and exercise has been keeping us on the right track so far.“ 

“Here’s an example of some of the quotes we receive from our team captain, Mary Butts.”

“I hope we all have been doing our part in accomplishing our goal to be # 1 at the finish line and to also to reach our individual weight loss goals!
I can’t say it enough, how important it is to  exercise and cut back on  your food intake ; along with fluids that have a lot of calories. I’m holding you accountable to do the right thing. 
Don’t forget to enter your weight and exercise info, turn in your intake sheet and stay focused!”

Jay Blaze, 101.9 KISS FM & Team KISS, along with Mary Butts, Carobell

Jay Blaze, 101.9 KISS FM “Team KISS” is challenging Mary Butts’, Carobell team “The Unstoppable Four” Rumor has it that Mary is coaching her team, and requiring up-to-date reports on their progress! This looks like a serious competition! Who do you think will lose the greatest percentage of weight and/or accumulate the most fitness minutes? Let us know what you think on our Facebook page, and let us know how you and your team are doing.

Pictured from the RVRS EMS Team are Chuck Clayton, Christine Weigman, and Ed Brosinski (Laura Paul not pictured, but represented)

Team: Richlands EMS/Rescue Squad has lost 42 pounds and counting. They have maintained a solid space on the top ten team list for quite a few weeks, and plan on staying there! “We keep on each other to push each other to go walking or to exercise and to watch what we eat. As you can see we have Mr. Chuck who is a little on the older side and not in the best of health. He does his exercise walking around Walmart a couple days a week. Mr. Ed drives a wrecker truck and that is very physical. As for me, I exercise and watch what I am eating, as I am a diabetic, so this is good for me. We all have found that we all have more energy now and generally feel better. We all (4) of us volunteer at Richlands Volunteer Rescue Squad as EMT's. That can be very physical as well. We were excited to hear that we are in the top 10. We hope that we can take it the rest of the way.” Christine Weigman “Laura Paul (not pictured) is currently in Virginia doing training. She is an active Sargent in the USMC…we drew her picture on a plate for her. (LOL) She is losing weight from diet and her daily exercise from work.” Christine Weigman

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