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Joining Lighten Up Onslow is just the start to a healthier you. Making a contract with yourself is the next step in reaching your weight loss goal.  Busy lives can sometimes make it difficult for you to stay on track with your diet and exercise routine. But, if you make a contract with yourself, writing down exactly how you plan on reaching your goals: Eating the right amount of daily calories that you need to reach your weight loss goal and how many days a week you plan on exercising. Most important, remind yourself along the way of why it’s so important to you to succeed. This will help you hold yourself accountable and keep you on track to success.
Click here for more tips to keep you true to your weight loss goals:

- Make It Public. When you make it public you’re more likely to meet your goals because others will expect you to succeed and you will be motivated to not disappoint them.

- Team Up. Many experts say “buddying up” can make a big difference between failure and success with any weight loss plan. You’re more likely to succeed when you’ve got someone else to hold you accountable.

- Log It. Keep a detailed journal of your exercise and diet. Include your mistakes as well as successes. Writing down what you eat and how much or how little you exercise will keep you in the know and motivate you to stay on track.

-Reward Your Success. Set rewards as a prize for achieving your goals. Give yourself something for reaching a milestone. A reward reinforces your healthy habits and helps you to continue your success.

Remember, Lighten Up Onslow is here to help you on your weight loss journey, but a healthier you is the ultimate reward!

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