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Body, mind and spirit are linked together for optimum health. If one of these is out of balance, it is likely that your health will be affected. Yoga is a practice that addresses each of these components in order to maintain good health.

We know yoga can be good for the physical body, building strength, providing flexibility and balance, and even improving cardio vascular fitness. One may wonder in what way does yoga help the mind? According to a recent article from the Mayo Clinic, yoga helps to fight stress. The mental anxiety caused by everyday living can be reduced through the breath work and mental focus required during the physical practice of yoga. Yoga can also teach you to live in the moment. Staying present, not slipping into the past with all of its aches and pains nor projecting into the future of unknowns, can create depression and anxiety. Living in the present moment is where we experience positivity, calm and joy.

As it relates to the spirit, yoga is an invitation to create calm, peace and stillness within. In the stillness of our practice, questions may arise as to why we are here? And what is my purpose in life? It is often in that space we connect with the deeper part of ourselves, opening ourselves to the inquiry and the endless possibilities of the universe.

Yoga is a holistic approach to addressing the imbalances in the body, and by combating dis-ease of the mind, it works to create health and harmony on every level.


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