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Exercise Tips
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Eat before you exercise.

According to experts at Mayo Clinic, you should fuel your workout by eating. So, if you exercise in the morning that means getting up early enough to eat a light breakfast or a snack before your workout. But make sure you allow the enough time for your food to digest before you begin exercising. Here are some general rules to follow:
- Large meals should be eaten at least three to four hours before exercising.
- Small meals can be eaten two to three hours before exercising.
- Small snacks should be consumed at least an hour before exercising.

Common barriers to exercising include not having enough time, being too tired or you might think that exercise is boring. Here are some suggestions to overcome these barriers.

Too little time to exercise?

Don’t make excuses. Instead, come up with simple ways to add more exercise to your day, like getting up a little earlier, going out for a brief walk at lunch, or go for a bike ride instead of sitting at the movies on a Saturday afternoon.

Exercise is boring.

This is a common problem, and excuse for not exercising, but changing up your exercise routine can help. Here are a few ideas:
- Go dancing with friends instead of walking on the treadmill
- Learn how to strength train with weights
- Challenge yourself to participate in a 5K walk or run.
- Start an exercise group in your neighborhood or at work. It will hold you more accountable.

You might be self-conscious about exercising in front of others

- If you're uncomfortable exercising around others, go solo at first.Try one of our exercise videos, or consider investing in a stationary bicycle or a treadmill
- The more that you exercise, your self-confidence may improve enough to attend a gym

Too tired or not enough energy to exercise?

-You may feel drained, but if you exercise it may increase your energy. Give it a try!

Map out a walking or running route and set your goals to go a little farther every day. Check out our link to “Map Your Route”.

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